Autographed copies available

Want an autographed copy of one of Eddie’s book?


SIGNED OR PERSONALIZED BOOKS make great gifts, collectibles, or mementos. We’d be happy to arrange for any of Eddie Ellis’s books to be autographed and delivered to you. 

Request an autographed copy today.

Request an autographed copy today.

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES — An autographed copy is signed on the title page by the author. The author’s signature is usually accompanied by a salutation like “All the best,” “Best Wishes” or “Enjoy!” These are great as collector’s copies and make, for example, appreciated Realtor welcome gifts.

PERSONALIZED COPIES — When a copy is personalized, it’s autographed by the author and signed “to” someone, and may carry a special message if desired like “To John. Congratulations on your retirement.” A personalized copy, with or without a special message, is great for a birthday, an anniversary, graduations, promotions, or as a holiday gift.

PRICE PER COPY:  In This Small Place, $16.95; Historic Images of Havelock & Cherry Point, $17.95and New Bern History 101, $17.95; plus $3.50 each for shipping. Order as many as you like. No additional charge for the autograph. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

HOW TO ORDER your copy or copies signed by the author: 

  • Email your request via the tab at the top of this page
  • Or call (321) 549-9394 
  • We’ll contact you to arrange payment and shipping

And we’ll be happy to hear from you any time.