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Henry Havelock was born in England in 1795.  By the time of his death in 1857 he had achieved world-wide fame as a British major general.  Eight years after entering the army as a young man in 1815, Havelock was ordered to India.  He gained military field experience in the first Burma War (1812-26), the first Afghan War (1839), and the Sikh Wars (1843-49).


During the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, Havelock took the initiative and recaptured Cawnpore from the rebels following a series of military victories.  There he and his men discovered the gruesome massacre of British citizens by Indian mutineers.  In September, 1857, he relieved Lucknow from a lengthy siege, but he and his forces were then besieged themselves.  By the time of his death a few days after the relief of the city in November, Havelock's fame had spread around the world.


Five North American cities were named for him as were other cities, streets, schools, businesses and geological features around the world.


Full details of the life of Havelock are recounted in In This Small Place.


Sir Henry Havelock Limited Edition Prints


These hand-numbered limited edition collector prints are of the finest portrait known to exist of the legendary Major General Sir Henry Havelock (1795-1875) . This portrait was engraved from the only known photograph ever taken of the war hero and namesake of this city. The photograph was worn in a locket around the neck of the general’s beloved wife, Lady Hannah Marshman Havelock, who allowed it to be used after his noble death in India for the creation of the likeness now offered.


Each Sir Henry Havelock engraved limited edition portrait has been carefully printed on acid-free museum quality paper and hand-numbered. The collector print is delivered beautifully framed 9’x12’ and matted with archival materials and UV resistant glass in a choice of colors: Deep Walnut with Hunter Green matte or Rich Gold with Burgundy matte. Ready to hang, the Havelock portrait will grace the home or office of the owner and become an heirloom to be treasured for generations. And it makes a great gift, too.


Only 250 of these remarkable prints were created before the plates were destroyed. The lot now offered includes the few remaining from this printing commissioned by the publisher. Each comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity and a companion booklet, a biography of General Havelock, entitled “How Havelock Got its Name”.  


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